ProSep Ltd.

ProSep Ltd. designs and installs water treatment systems for food producers nationwide. I was hired to redesign their website and give them a clean, contemporary look while also making it easy to navigate for their customers.


In redesigning a website for an engineering company with virtually no brand identity, I figured the most important thing was that it be clear, easy to navigate, and professional-looking. To do this, I needed a way to visually unify the information using the snapshot phtotos the company provided. These photos were pretty low-quality—they were taken with a consumer-quality digital camera inside warehouses, lit with either the built-in flash or the ceiling lights. I found one photo to be the best of the bunch. I liked that it was in focus, and that the different components were arranged in an interesting way. By treating it with blue filters in Photoshop, I noticed the yellow and orange components of the machine popped in an eye-catching way. I sampled the blue, grey, yellow, and orange to use as the color palette for the website. I kept the background white to maximize the clarity of the content.


I was provided a series of blueprints and virtual 3D models to illustrate the engineering page. I thought the neon colors of the 3D models clashed with the color scheme I was working with, so I went with the black-and-white line drawings instead. 


The products page features more images that I treated with blue filters. It also has anchor links at the top and bottom of the page to make it easy for the viewer to find what they need without having to scroll too much. All of the links on the site are orange and turn yellow when you hover over them. This unifies the color palette of the site while also making it easy to navigate.