Openhouse 24-7

Openhouse 24-7 is photography company in Calgary, Canada that provides images and virtual tours for real estate agents. I was hired to improve the look of the site.

openhouse comp4 1.jpg

Openhouse 24-7 is a real estate photography service, but the website also connects home buyers with homes for sale. That means that in addition to selling photography packages and virtual tours, it also helps real estate agents by directing potential clients to their properties. I designed the home page to showcase the quality of the photography offered and to make it easy for home buyers to find houses that meet their specifications. The search field filters properties based on their location or MLS number. New postings are automatically added to the grid at the bottom for browsing. The background image is a Calgary sunset that evokes the beauty of the area, and is mimicked through the window of the large interior photo to suggest the view from a newly purchased home.

openhouse comp4 2.jpg
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