GIG Car Share

Gig is the easy carsharing service that lets you pickup in one location and drop off in another. As Gig's visual designer, I coordinate teams to ensure a consistent brand experience for our members, and produce content to attract new ones.

Website Management

I build webpages, produce graphics, and coordinate with development, UX, and marketing teams to execute website and blog updates on tight deadlines. We work together to optimize site architecture as our business expands, comparing with competitors, implementing user testing, analyzing site traffic, and leveraging it to boost acquisition and brand awareness.

Content Creation

I collaborate with marketing and A3 Ventures shared services teams to develop campaign concepts that align marketing strategy with digital targeting and performance analysis. I also manage the planning and production of photo and video shoots, as well as the execution of photo, video, and animated advertisement iterations optimized for both mobile and desktop experiences. The content is tested and used in all marketing channels, including email, in-app, website, blog, paid and organic social media.