The friendly, hard-working fellow you want on your team.

I thrive off of creative relationships. I love exchanging ideas, working through problems, and learning from new perspectives. This makes me an asset when working as a team or with a client, because I am receptive to feedback and enjoy the challenge of reaching solutions in new ways. At the same time, I am not afraid to challenge the ideas of others constructively. I am enthusiastic about work and inspired by cooperation.

I have been working as a freelance designer and illustrator in the Bay Area for three years, and am dependable and dedicated to every project I work on. I show up when I say I’m going to, and respond to emails quickly. I take work seriously and always do my best. My core intention is to be growing all the time. By learning from every experience, I funnel that knowledge into what I’m working on in the present moment. This leads to a better final product, but even more importantly, it influences the way I communicate and generate my ideas, the way I work with a team, and the way I improve as a person. 


In illustration and design, I focus on the strengths of both traditional and digital media. Each medium works great for some things, but if used in other ways can be extremely time consuming, or difficult to fix if you make a mistake. I love the way traditional media interact to add a spontaneous, natural quality that you just can’t create digitally. A flat wash in watercolor, for instance, makes beautiful, subtle patterns. A gradient made from pastels on toned paper creates a rich texture of different colors. I’m strategic about how I use each medium. With the help of software, I combine traditional processes in ways that wouldn’t be possible on paper, and take less time.

You’ll see this when you look at my illustrations—they are made up of mixed media, and composed as a digital collage. With my graphic design work, not every project calls for the use of traditional media, but I always start with a pencil and a piece of paper. This keeps me grounded in the nature of the problem, rather than getting caught up in the gadgets and gizmos of software. Good design is about communication. I strive to reduce complex information down to its essence, and convey it in a way that is effortlessly understood by the audience.